हमको किसके गम ने मारा - Humko Kiske Gham Ne Maara (Ghulam Ali)

Lyrics By: मसरूर अनवर
Performed By: गुलाम अली

हमको किसके गम ने मारा, ये कहानी फिर सही
किसने तोड़ा दिल हमारा, ये कहानी फिर सही

दिल के लूटने का सबब पूछो न सबके सामने
नाम आएगा तुम्हारा, ये कहानी फिर सही
हमको किसके गम ने...

नफरतों के तीर खा कर, दोस्तों के शहर में
हमने किस किस को पुकारा, ये कहानी फिर सही
हमको किसके गम ने...

क्या बताएं प्यार की बाजी, वफ़ा की राह में
कौन जीता कौन हारा, ये कहानी फिर सही
हमको किसके गम ने...


  1. I don't know how to express feelings.....!! When I'm writing these words, I'm crying with full of happiness. When I used to hear the great singer, Gulam Ali, I'd been crying with a mood of delight. He used to give me wings to fly with him to the world of stars and honey, to the world of eternal happiness, heaven. Whenever I'm alone I used to hear most of his wonderful songs many times and travelled with him to the other world. Some times he even forced me with great love and care to walk in front him. Chupke..... Chupke..... Raath ...Din..
    and Hamko like naam me maara...... Are the two of my favorite songs.
    I respect and love Gulam Ali as I love and respect Muhammed Rafi, KJ Yesudas, Hariharan, KS Chithira, and many more singers and Musicians like Ravisankar, Ilayaraja, MS Baburaj, AR Rahman and many more Musician and lyric writers like P Bhaskaran, ONV Kuruppu, Yuseph Ali Kechery,Measure Ahamed and may more lyricists.
    I submit my gratitude to all of these great people and above all God to live this world to live with them so that I'll accompany with them to the world of God, Heaven.....!!


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